Leading the world to LED-TL


We firmly believe the world will share our view that there is no good reason to continue using old-fashioned traditional TL. With over 800 million toxic traditional TL’s in Europe, replacing these with LED-TL will signify a huge step forwards in terms of savings right across the board:

  • Replacement costs 
  • Energy costs 
  • C02 emissions
  • Waste-disposal costs

We have embraced the responsibility for providing a sustainable LED-TL alternative. LED-TL is a win-win product, with great benefits for the corporate and government bottom line on the one hand, and a huge contribution towards the viability of our planet on the other. LED-TL provides a solution for almost all types of industry, the business community, governments, and other users of fluorescent lighting, such as educational institutions, health-care facilities, and parking garages..



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LED complete for commercial and industrial buildings

1. Lichting plan  2. Products  3. Installation

Full warranty

+ 5 years

Short payback period

1 to 2 years