Sustainable LED lighting: save money, energy and the planet

We only have one planet, and the energy it provides is all the energy we have.
With Lysno LED TL we can make a big saving both on your wallet and the environment.

With the use of LED TL you can of course save energy and thus money, but there are more benefits to our enlightenment. Lysno LED TL fits into conventional fluorescent fixtures. So you can replace a fluorescent tube without any problems, and it needs to be done less frequent. The lifespan of an Lysno LED TL is many times higher than an ordinary fluorescent tube. Our lights lasts at least 50,000 hours.

We will gladly calculate for you how much you can save by using Lysno's durable LED TL lamps. Ask us for a personal advice. Contact us at: +31 85 27 36 112.


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LED complete for commercial and industrial buildings

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