Lysno: Reinventing LED-TL

50,000 burning hours

Everything is different with Lysno LED-TL. The digital power supply makes it possible to guarantee 50,000 burning hours. Lysno LED-TL therefore requires less frequent replacement than traditional TL lamps, which have a lifespan of approximately 12,000 burning hours. This means that the Lysno LED-TL has a lifetime which is 4 times longer than the traditional TL.

70% more energy-efficient
Special attention has been paid to each and every individual component used in Lysno LED-TL. All the components have been subject to a quality insurance, ensuring optimum functionality and enable to save 70% on energy bills.

People friendly, environmentally friendly
Another special feature is that Lysno LED-TL can be dimmed: good news for those who prefer to work in a less brightly lit environment. Likewise, the use of special polar end caps ensures replacing the lamps is an exceedingly safe process, making the product people friendly. Furthermore, the fact that Lysno LED-TL is 97% recyclable means we all benefit.


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