LYSNO360 LED-TL: Breakthrough innovation

Lysno has always had a clear objective: to rid the world of wasteful lamps and replace them with an LED alternative. The greatest challenge was the light distribution of the Lysno360, required to make optimum use of the mirror reflectors in the fixtures. As yet, no-one had managed to achieve this with LED-TL.

This all-round light emitted by the Lysno360 produces an equivalent lighting experience and will fit existing fluorescent fixtures, but at the same time is sustainable, saves energy, is 97% recyclable, environmentally friendly, and its costs can be recovered within two years.

Lysno LED-TL is the most far-reaching innovation in LED-TL today. Lysno360 fits easily into existing fluorescent fixtures and provides the same lighting experience as the traditional lighting. For Lysno, the all-round lighting challenge became reality with the development of a material for use that had cooling properties. This resulted in a situation in which aluminum was not required as a cooling element, and allowed a tube be created with omnidirectional characteristics.

  • Continuity in light distribution and lighting perception
  • Up to 70% saving on energy expenses
  • Same light output at all ambient temperatures
  • Lamp replacement interval up to 4 times longer than TL
  • Safe lamp replacement
  • Retrofit in conventional luminaires

Productinformation and Specifications

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LED complete for commercial and industrial buildings

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Full warranty

+ 5 years

Short payback period

1 to 2 years