LYSNO180 HL/SHL: LED-TL with extra high lightoutput

The LYSNO 180 HL (High Lumen) and SHL (Super High Lumen), are characterized by their extra high light output. The LYSNO180 HL / SHL combines high light output with an internal reflector which has a beam angle of 180o. As a result, the lamp is suitable to be applied in luminaires without reflectors, in applications where a wide light distribution is desired.

By applying the LYSNO180 HL / SHL a higher light level at the work area will be achieved in comparison with a conventional fluorescent lamp with the same length. The lamp produces the same maximum light output at all ambient temperatures. The LYSNO180 HL / SHL can be mounted easily and quickly in existing fluorescent fixtures with conventional ballast without any adjustments and with minimal adaptation in a fixture with electronic ballast. The maximum energy saving is achieved when the ballast is removed or bypassed.


  • High Lightoutput (> 140 Lm/W)
  • Up to 70% saving on energy expenses
  • Suitable for high environments (SHL > 12 mtr.)
  • Same light output at all ambient temperatures
  • Instant start with 100% light output at all ambient temperatures 
  • Insensitive to frequent switching (IR)  
  • Can be used with conventional ballast (Retrofit) 
  • Can be used without ballast
  • External driver possible
Productinformation and Specifications HL

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