LYSNO Continuous light-line

Lysno IL60 is a modular and flexible LED continuous light-line system for a functional lighting in several areas, such as shops, industrial areas, warehousing, parking-lots, sports halls, etc..

The modular system exists of a basic profile whereupon you can fix several luminaires with an easy click system. The main support profile is manufactured from an anodized aluminum extrusion-profile, equipped with cable duct and internal connecting wiring.
Regarding your room and application Lysno will make a calculation of the light and advise you the right luminaires. According the acquired level of light the amount of radiated light and emission angle can be determined in order to realize an efficient lighting.
Custom fit is the keyword.

There are options for daylight management or integrated emergency units. Reusing an existing light-line with a basic profile and traditional TL is an option. Ask our advisor. Lysno has wide experience providing IL60 LED-luminaires on an existing light-line.


  • Custom fit with standard module
  • Easy to connect
  • Compact but rigid through extruded anodized aluminum
  • Main support profile 4800 mm long, only 60 mm wide
  • Luminaires in several versions
  • Only 2 connection points per 4800 mm
  • Main support profile can be used as cable duct
  • Up to 7 wires cabled

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LED complete for commercial and industrial buildings

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