Healthcare and education

LED lighting for your business,
school or healthcare institution

There is no better savings for your company, institution or school than replacing your conventional lighting with Lysnos efficient LED TL.

By choosing our sustainable lighting you save up to 70% on your energy costs, while your workflow can proceed without interruption.

Installing Lysno LED lighting in your building is a simple and quick process what will not interfere with your business, you will have little to no bother. Our lamps fit into your existing fixtures.

If you choose Lysno LED-TL:

  • Up to 70% savings on energy costs
  • Continuous and reliable distribution of light
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Durability: Lysno LED-TL last 4x longer than standard fluorescent lighting

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LED complete for commercial and industrial buildings

1. Lichting plan  2. Products  3. Installation

Full warranty

+ 5 years

Short payback period

1 to 2 years