21 July 2016

Big step forward for Lysno: introducing a new LED line

Just before the summer-holidays Lysno has released a new range of LED light lines. Lysno LED line has been developed and is assembled in the Netherlands, and can be manufactured with a variety of options. Customization is the key word for this proces. From daylight control to integrated emergency units and a narrow-beam to a wide-beam reflector.

The basis of the system consists of an aluminum supporting profile with a standard length of 4800 mm and is only 60 mm wide. The Lysno LED Line is easy to install with two suspension points per 4800 mm and a maximum length of 100 meters. The Lysno LED Line can be used as a conduit.

The line is available with different variants mirrors and reflectors and thereby usable at both high and low areas. For example, transportation and distribution centres, assembly plants but also cold storages. On request, the system is customizable, and can be used anywhere. Add to that a Lysno LED-Tube and each space can alight completely to your liking and be environmentally friendly

Big step forward for Lysno: introducing a new LED line


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