Sustainable business lighting for your office, warehouse or healthcare institution

Lysno wants to make a major contribution to a cleaner planet. As an innovator in the field of lighting business, we play a leading role in the replacement of outdated and toxic fluorescent lighting.

Current fluorescent lighting consumes a lot of energy. The Lysno LED-TL saves you up to 70% on energy costs. In addition, replacing your old lights for durable LED is simple; You need no technical adjustments. Lysno LED-TL fits into your current fixtures. This makes our lighting suitable for all types of businesses who want to save energy.

Lysno's expertise:

  • Health care institutions and schools
  • Car parks
  • Cold storage and refrigerated environments
  • Industry
  • Logistics
  • Retail

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LED complete for commercial and industrial buildings

1. Lichting plan  2. Products  3. Installation

Full warranty

+ 5 years

Short payback period

1 to 2 years